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An Air Conditioner or Heat Pump can both heat or cool your space. It uses energy from outdoors to change the temperature or the air inside the space heating or cooling depending on your remote settings. Heat pumps can be up to 5x more efficient than an everyday electric heater. 

Whether you’re after a wall mounted unit for your bedroom or a ducted system for the whole home, Fujitsu has a Heat Pump / Air Conditioning solution to suit your needs.



Ventilation Systems help to purify air inside a space or home, but it will not actually heat or cool the room down. The system mixes the air inside the space with air from outside releasing into the room to make the air fresher and of a higher quality. 

smart ventilation
Ventilaion Positive Pressure System

A SmartVent Positive Pressure system provides a healthy environment to live by ensuring your family are breathing better fresh air. It reduces the chance of being infected by viruses, mould problems, respiratory problems, smoke and carbon monoxide inhalation and reduces water damage to your home.

Positive Pressure Systems are suitable for most homes; particularly where timber and older aluminium joinery allows for air good circulation.

Heat Transfer

Heat Trans systems re-utilise your excess heat by transferring it from one room and distributing it to other rooms in your home. 




Household Air Conditioning Unit Servicing, we recommend completing this service before winter, once every year. We will clean Unit Filters, Deodorize/ Disinfect Coils & Test Run unit.

If your Air Conditioning Unit is experiencing problems, please book in for an fault Service; If we did not install the Unit and is still under warranty, please contact the Initial Air Conditioning installer. 

Commercial Air Conditioning Services, Completed at requested intervals with Paperwork & Required 12A form on Request